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World Afro Day is celebrated annually on 15th September worldwide and this day celebrates the natural kinky, coiled or curly hairstyle which collectively referred as Afro as it naturally originated from the people of Black.

World Afro Day was founded in an attempt to normalize afros and their natural texture and end discrimination towards people who wish to wear their hair in their natural afros.  

The day also aims to instill a sense of pride in people about their hair and remove the feelings of being shamed by others for keeping this hairstyle. So this day celebrates the movement of Afro hairstyle and urges people to end discrimination regarding it. 

EventWorld Afro Day
DateSeptember 15, 2022
SignificanceThe day honors and supports people with coiled or curly hairstyles, also known as Afros
Observed byWorld wide

World Afro Day History: 

When Africans were first enslaved by the westerners and brought to their colonies they were forced to adopt the hairstyle and clothing of their enslavers. And this happened everywhere be it United States, South Africa or Carribbean countries. 

Even after the slavery was abolished the black people were forced to modify their hairstyle as their natural hair texture was seen as undesirable amd thus because of societal pressures and discrimination it forced them to modify their natural hair to adopt the hairstyle of the white society. 

However the process of changing naturally kinky and coiled hair into the straight, smooth hair was not easy. Even today, the process of straightening and smoothing extremely coiled hair requires expensive substances that must be applied by professionals. These chemicals can cause burns, hair loss, and damage to the hair over time. 

And that’s why by the 1800s this hairstyle remained very scarce. But then in the 1960s when civil rights started taking place in which black culture and lifestyle was encouraged so this hairstyle made a comeback and by the 90s and 2000s got very popular. 

World Afro Day was started in 2017 and has been celebrated every year since. It was founded by Michelle De Leon. 


World Afro Day celebrates the afro. It also all other hairstyles worn by black and mixed-race people and all elements of afro hair, culture, and identity. Additonally it educates people to understand more about afro hair and hairstyles.

This day also encourages the people towards mutual respect for every human being and other people. As we in this world all are very diverse and we can’t change or force anyone to live their life in our way only. So mutual respect for everyone is required and for that tolerance is highly needed in today’s world for a better future of our world. 

This day also aims to encourage people to end any type of discrimination against black or any other race people from our world. Even today in so-called modern 21st century despite all of education and efforts we still observe many incidents of racism and discrimination around the world. Overall, these things are not good for humanity and thus must be discouraged and condemned. 

In an effort to remove the biases that may be associated with the afro, this day is all about making the afro beautiful and accepted in everyone’s eyes. And that is the primary motive behind this day to make normalize Afro hairstyle and to educate people regarding it so they don’t discriminate against it or make fun of it. 

World Afro Day Facts: 

Now let’s learn about some interesting Facts regarding the Afro hairstyle: 

  1. Afros are not traditionally African as they grew in popularity in America during the Civil Rights movement, and the hairstyle likely evolved in America without roots in African hairstyles.
  2. During the 1950s and 1960s, afros grew in popularity in South Africa as well, with many women seen wearing their hair in afros. 
  3. Seen as a symbol of growing American influence and unrest, afros were banned by the Tanzanian government once. 
  4. Afros need a special comb as a wide-toothed comb called an afro pick is used to pick at the hair and tease it tall into the shape the wearer prefers.
  5. There are different types of Afro hair available from curls, spirals and everything in between. 

Most Searched FAQs:  

1. When is World Afro Day is celebrated? 

Annually on 15th September. 

2. When did World Afro Day started? 


3. Who founded World Afro Day? 

 Michelle De Leon.


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