Cookies Policy

Cookie Practices

The information you need to know about the data Panda Storescollects using cookies and your agreement to the data collection is provided in this Cookies Policy.

Having a cookie policy is important.

The following reasons make our cookie policy crucial:

  • It fosters a rapport based on trust between you and Panda Stores;
  • It enables you to pick and choose the information you leave behind;
  • It makes sure that privacy laws are not violated; and
  • It guarantees that neither we nor any of our third parties or social media partners will exploit your personal information for improper advantage.

Why do we utilize cookies, and what are they?

When you visit our websites, Panda Stores may employ web beacons in addition to cookies and other technologies. Small text files known as “cookies” are used by us to identify returning visitors, make it easier for you to access and use our websites over time, track your usage patterns, and gather aggregate data that will help us enhance the performance of our websites and content. Web beacons are tiny, unobtrusive image files that track your activity on our websites. For instance, saving your favorite settings for when you return.

Using the data that cookies provide, Panda Stores is able to:

  • we’ll adapt our websites to suit unique demands;
  • recall the alerts that you have been shown so that you are not shown them again;
  • assist us in connecting your browser activity to you and your personal data, such as when you register for a service;
  • enhance and update our websites in accordance with how you want to use them; and

Cookies do not utilize the data they collect to personally identify you.

Types of Cookies

The following types of cookies are used by us:

Type 1: Essential Cookies

You can use our websites and all of their features thanks to necessary cookies, which keep your browsing session anonymous and give you access to secure areas of our websites. You might not be able to utilize all the features on our websites without these cookies.

Type 2: Analytical or Performance Cookies

Cookies used for performance purposes gather data on how you use our websites so we can preserve availability and continuously enhance performance. For instance, they gather data on the pages you visit the most frequently and any problem messages you might see, or the general user experience. These cookies only gather anonymous information. They don’t gather any data that might be used to pinpoint you specifically.

Type 3: Functionality Cookies

We can give you a more customized experience thanks to functionality cookies. They assist us in remembering information so that you won’t have to re-enter it the next time you come, such as your login and preferred language. These cookies only gather anonymous information. They are unable to monitor your online behavior on other websites.

Type 4: Targeting or advertising cookies

Advertising cookies may be used by Panda Stores and our service providers to provide advertisements that we think are pertinent to you and your interests. For instance, we might use targeting or advertising cookies to tailor the content and ads you see on our websites, to reduce the number of times you see the same ad, and to gauge how effective our advertising campaigns are.

Type 5: Cookies from Third Parties

To provide detailed campaign reporting and to track social network users who visit our websites, our websites use third-party cookies from social network sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is done by using a tagging system offered by those social networks. These cookies may also be used for remarketing and event tracking. These tags will only be used in ways that are consistent with our privacy statement and the social network’s privacy rules. There will be no user-provided personally identifiable data collected or stored by our websites.

How may your cookie settings be changed?

Panda Stores advises accepting cookies so you can have the best experience possible when browsing our websites. By selecting “cookie settings,” you can opt-out of each cookie category (apart from those that are strictly necessary), or you can turn off cookies in your web browser.

Visit: to find out more about how to manage cookies.

Visit: to find out how to delete cookies.

However, some of the functions on our website might not be available to you without cookies. You might not be able to utilize some website features and your access to our website might be restricted if you disable such cookies.

Privacy of Cookies

Cookies do not harm computer systems in a destructive way. They are unable to access your hard drive or disseminate viruses or malware. This does not imply that cookies are irrelevant to maintaining your online anonymity and privacy.

Push notifications on the web

Through web push notifications, we share promotional material and Online Shopper updates on our website. You must sign up for this free service (run by our third-party push notification provider) by clicking on an authorization request presented to you by your browser and device when you visit our website in order to use it.

Anonymised, retained on the servers of our third-party push notification provider for no more than 90 days, and never shared with other third parties, the navigation data that we could save and process to run this service and deliver you pertinent notifications is kept on our servers.

How are your web push notification settings managed?

By unsubscribing, you can at any time stop getting our online push notifications. Here’s how to erase the data linked with your web push subscription and